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Playing With Fonts: Understanding How Font Design Impacts Your Site

Understanding How Font Design Impacts Your Site

A question for designers – how do you choose the fonts for your websites? To the layperson, this may seem like a silly question. After all, isn’t the default for almost everything Times New Roman or Cambria, or maybe something like Arial or Calibri? In fact, font choice is critically important to good site design Continue Reading →

7 Superpowers All Successful WordPress Developers Must Have

Superpowers All Successful WordPress Developers MUST Have

Many people might not know this, but a WordPress developer’s work is never truly done. The process of updating or creating a site from scratch is rather time-consuming and sometimes even exhausting. To be a successful WordPress developer, one must have a strong set of abilities to help him or her pull through with all Continue Reading →

Top 6 Must Know Web Design Trends for 2016


Just like any other field of design, web design trends come and go with the passing of time. As a brand, you need to be relevant. If you haven’t updated the look of your website for five years or so, now is a good time to do it. Otherwise, you risk falling behind competitors who Continue Reading →

13 Remarkable Free Online Wireframe Tools


Online wireframe applications has become more powerful with great user interface allowing us to create a blueprint in no time. When you begin to work on a project, it’s always important to begin creating your ideas as a wireframe. Good wireframing tool will allow you to expand upon ideas, see the bigger picture and avoid Continue Reading →

10 Awesome Free WordPress Frameworks for Developers


WordPress is an awesome open source web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. If you’re just starting out, it’s highly advisable that you pick a good theme framework, and build your own child theme on top of it. You can use as a base for skipping the repetitive steps and Continue Reading →

15 Awesome One Page Website Designs


One page websites are the best ways to offer your visitors all the quickness possible by compiling all the content you want in a single page. Single page web designs certainly aren’t a new trend for 2013 but, its continuance suggests that it’s more practical and effective than most. It saves time as page only Continue Reading →

4 Ways of Building Traffic with Useful Tools


Building traffic for a website is something everyone who owns one is interested in, but not everyone knows how to do. If you don’t want to outsource this task and wish to get your hands dirty, I will provide you with a bit of insight that I hope ends up helping you in the long Continue Reading →

8 Must Have Pinterest Extensions for Chrome


Pinterest is the latest hot chick in the social media town. In the world of social networks, all eyes are turning to Pinterest at the moment. As the name suggests, Pinterest allows you to  “pin” interesting  photos or videos “that have an interest.” Pinterest is a really fun place with some really beautiful photos. If Continue Reading →