+ Build Your Wild Self

22 Best Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself

Numerous individuals like the anime characters, cartoon a lot. Making cartoon characters is not all that intense as you think. If you are not open to utilizing genuine photographs to speak to yourself in any online profiles and symbols, why not make a cartoon characters of yourself? It’ll unquestionably be fun and remarkable to others when you are speaking to yourself in a cartoonized…. Read More

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Step-by-Step DIY Guide to Setting up Your WordPress Blog

Just about everyone seems to have 1 started a WordPress blog at some stage. But just about everybody – those that don’t hire the services of a pro to do it for them – makes their website look, well, icky. It doesn’t have to be that way though. At least, not if you follow the steps below… Step 1: Do keyword research Before you… Read More

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15 Powerful Free Music and Video Player UI PSD Templates

Graphic designers from around the globe are more acquainted with sharing their chips away at the Internet. Also, some of these ideas particularly identify with video players and mp3 UI. An Audio and video player is a critical part which is available in any music site and music application. It permits your website guests to control the mp3 records or sound tracks being exhibited… Read More

+ Understanding How Font Design Impacts Your Site

Playing With Fonts: Understanding How Font Design Impacts Your Site

A question for designers – how do you choose the fonts for your websites? To the layperson, this may seem like a silly question. After all, isn’t the default for almost everything Times New Roman or Cambria, or maybe something like Arial or Calibri? In fact, font choice is critically important to good site design and when working within the defaults and limitations of… Read More

7 Superpowers All Successful WordPress Developers Must Have

Many people might not know this, but a WordPress developer’s work is never truly done. The process of updating or creating a site from scratch is rather time-consuming and sometimes even exhausting. To be a successful WordPress developer, one must have a strong set of abilities to help him or her pull through with all the work and the deadlines. One must come up… Read More