+ WordPress Sites that Use 3D

WordPress Sites that Use 3D

WordPress is massive, so much so that it has been estimated that there are 60 million currently. Of course, by the end of the day (and even by the end of reading this article) the number of sites will have increased even further. As such, it is important to realize that your WordPress site needs to have something different than that of the standard… Read More

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What You Need to Create a WordPress Corporate Website

A website is the first place people refer to when they need to find out any information about a product or a service. That’s why, for a business to grow, a website is both a requirement and necessity at the same time. If, for some reasons, your business doesn’t have a website yet, then it’s the high time to do something about that. WordPress… Read More

+ Hosting Types

Hosting Types – A Rough Breakdown

Getting your new domain name and future website hosted online is so cheap right now, and very easy to setup, so there really is no excuse for trying to get by on free hosting. Yes, free things are good, but in the end you get what you pay for. This short guide will hopefully get you on your way to finding a real, reliable,… Read More

+ Is Your Website Design Secure

Is Your Website Design Secure?

Website hacking is on the rise, and website built on open-source frameworks like WordPress are increasingly significant targets to malicious hackers. And of course, the bigger a website is, the larger its visitor and subscriber pool, the better a target they usually represent. And there are dozens of different common hacks which target websites of all varieties! Cross-site scripting attacks, API hacking problems… if… Read More

+ Is Cloud Hosting Secure

Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

There is an increasing demand for web hosting which means that hosting companies are offering a vast array of packages that come with many features and options. It can be difficult to find the perfect host because there can be too many hosts and options available but one option is cloud hosting. Many website builders are managed from the cloud too. All editing of… Read More