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Graphic Design vs. Web Design: Deciding Your Path

Graphic Design vs Web Design

If you’ve been thinking of working in the design industry but have no idea where to begin, this one’s for you. But first, who are you? Do you have innate creative inclinations? Are you open minded, especially when solving problems? Do you frequently get approached by your friends so that you can advise them on Continue Reading →

How to Market Your App

How to Market Your App

It is said that there are millions of apps out there vying for attention. Everyone wants to have the next big seller but it isn’t enough to just put it out there and hope for the best. Even the best products need to be backed by good marketing and distribution strategies. Apple, who know a Continue Reading →

Four Ways to Add Social Media to Your Web Design

Add Social Media to Your Web Design

When designing a new website, most business owners consider the usability of the website, in addition to how they want it to look.  However, most don’t instantly think about integrating it with social media platforms.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, ignoring the importance of social media can be catastrophic for a business, as it Continue Reading →

The Importance of Good Quality Website Content

Quality Website Content

A few years ago, webmasters took the view that any content written by an offshore company was acceptable. It didn’t matter if the article was badly written, unintelligible, or just completely unrelated to the theme of the website. As long as they kept posting fresh content, search engines would boost their visibility in the search Continue Reading →

Stunning Top Photo Designing Tools for a Spectacular Website

Photo Designing Tools

They say a picture is more than a thousand words, and while this is a hackneyed phrase, it speaks volumes on the importance of impeccable photo design on your website. There is no denying that the future of business and personal interactions is online. As such you need to have an impressive platform to ensure Continue Reading →

Why CMS is Now the Default Approach for New Websites


Up until seven or eight years ago, most websites were developed using either static page making technologies, or technology that would generate ‘active pages’ using server side information on the fly. This meant quite a lot of web development skills were needed to make a site from scratch, and maintenance of content, especially on large Continue Reading →

WordPress Compared to Web-Based Website Creators


What advantages does WordPress have over web-based website creators? Is it better than them or does it lack some features or conveniences afforded by the relatively new website-creating tools online? Image credit: wikimedia Some experts on website building recommend WordPress over quick website building tools like the ones offered by GoDaddy and Yahoo. The reason Continue Reading →

Where to Outsource Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic Designing

Your corporate identity is a huge part of how you market your business, no matter what size. However, for small to mid-size businesses, it can be hard to get that identity nailed down graphically on a limited budget. This, of course, is where outsourcing comes in. According to Forbes, outsourcing is just good business, and Continue Reading →