Playing With Fonts: Understanding How Font Design Impacts Your Site

Understanding How Font Design Impacts Your Site

A question for designers – how do you choose the fonts for your websites? To the layperson, this may seem like a silly question. After all, isn’t the default for almost everything Times New Roman or Cambria, or maybe something like Arial or Calibri? In fact, font choice is critically important to good site design Continue Reading →

Is Your Website Design Secure?

Is Your Website Design Secure

Website hacking is on the rise, and website built on open-source frameworks like WordPress are increasingly significant targets to malicious hackers. And of course, the bigger a website is, the larger its visitor and subscriber pool, the better a target they usually represent. And there are dozens of different common hacks which target websites of Continue Reading →

Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

Cloud Hosting

There is an increasing demand for web hosting which means that hosting companies are offering a vast array of packages that come with many features and options. It can be difficult to find the perfect host because there can be too many hosts and options available but one option is cloud hosting. Many website builders Continue Reading →

How to Optimise Images for Your Website

How to Optimise Images for Your Website

Images, photos and extra collateral that can be added to your website have many benefits to your audience as using visual images can boost the amount of page views your site receives. They play a vital part in grabbing your audiences’ attention and breaking up long piece of content – on average, articles containing relevant Continue Reading →

Top WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Blog Organized


Those of you who have dipped their toes in blogging probably know that it involves a lot of planning and organization. The ones who haven’t started yet and are down the path of starting a blogging career have to keep that in mind. You should give a careful thought not only what you write about Continue Reading →

Top 20 Great Free Serif Fonts

Morva Free Serif Font

Having a best quality fonts is must for web and graphic designers. Each realistic and web designers utilizes different fonts and typefaces to add certain visual punch to their writings. A particular configuration subject may require an alternate text style than the other. With this, having a wide armory of value fonts is critical for Continue Reading →

WordPress is a Great Choice For Small Businesses

WordPress is a Great Choice For Small Businesses

A small business needs to be present in the online world. There is simply no way around that. We live in a world in which any small company needs to take advantage of the online environment since this is practically the fastest possible way to grow. When we simply rely on the local level, various Continue Reading →

Improving Collaboration with Wrike’s Project Management Software


Effective collaboration is the key to a successful, highly productive workplace environment. However, implementing the right collaboration mindset is where many businesses fail. In environments where there are numerous ongoing projects (e.g. marketing agencies, software development companies), collaboration makes the difference between smooth, efficient project management and utter chaos. Here’s where Wrike’s project management software Continue Reading →