4 Common Mistakes that Mobile App Developers Make


Are you developing a mobile app? If this is the first app that you’ll release to the public, you’re at high risk of making mistakes that other first-time mobile app developers have made before you. But before you make one of the following four mistakes, take a look at how you can avoid them. 1. Continue Reading →

A Reliable List of Barber WordPress Premium Themes

Coiffeur - Hair Salon WordPress Theme

WordPress is free, flexible, and quite powerful. It has its benefits for small businesses too. These days, there are no excuses for small businesses to not have an online presence. If you’re in the beauty industry and operate a business in the barber categories, you want more than just a typical WordPress theme for a Continue Reading →

10 Useful Free Sliding Plugins for WordPress

Social Media Tabs

The sliders are now a must have component when it comes to design a new website and give to the visitors a pleasant visual experience. Choosing the right plugin for your wordpress blog is therefore a very tedious task. So to save your efforts and time for choosing the right plugin we have rounded up Continue Reading →

Social Media Benefits: Using Social Media to Promote Software Purchase through Coupons

Social Media Benefits

Social Media is one of the best things that ever happened to marketing and advertising. Businesses can now get up close and personal with their customers and be able to talk to them as often as they want for much less than it would cost through the traditional forms of marketing. It is no wonder, Continue Reading →

How to Create a Google Friendly Website


Having a site ready for Google is a very important thing in today’s online world. Google provides a massive amount of traffic and you need to make sure your website is Google-friendly. Here are a few steps to follow to ensure you have a site ready for the highest possible listing on the Google Search Continue Reading →

12 Significant Free Google Webmaster Tools for WordPress

Verify Google Webmaster Tools

WordPress is a platform for you to build a website and continuously publish content through a blog. Google basically runs the web, which means they run the world and we are just lowly minions. Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters. Google Webmaster Tools helps you to identify issues Continue Reading →

Decoding Barcode Symbologies

Decoding Barcode Symbologies

Barcodes have its own language or system of encoding, which is referred to as barcode symbology. It’s the method by which characters to be encoded are changed into a barcode’s black and white lines. To be able to print a barcode, a barcode printer must be able to understand the symbology of a particular barcode. Continue Reading →

10 Useful Free WordPress Event Calendar Widgets

CP Multi View Event Calendar

Calendar widgets are hugely popular with WordPress users. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as event management and online booking. Event calendars can be used to advertise and organize small and large events such as conferences, concerts, parties, family gatherings, and more. In this article we will take a look at Continue Reading →