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4 of The Most Important Website Improvements

Important Website Improvements

It seems like everyone has a website or least a blog site these days. Even if some people don’t have a website chances are the thought has crossed their mind. More and more people are turning to resources like WordPress, a company which offers free easy to customize website templates, to easily create stunning websites. Whether you are Continue Reading →

How to Stand Out as a WordPress Developer

Stand Out as a WordPress Developer

With more people getting involved in custom WordPress development, it can be tough to stand out. Many who boast to be experts in the industry, actually fall short in quite a few areas. So before you start marketing yourself as the best thing to come along since sliced bread, here are a few tips on Continue Reading →

Using Web Design as a Powerful Tool for Attracting Potential Customers

The web design should help you to tell your business’s story

Research tells us that 97% of the impact on an audience is in the visual and communication style that is presented to an audience. Actors and strong presenters know this very well as strong influencers. When it comes to marketing, it is important to leverage visuals in web design and content layouts to attract potential Continue Reading →

The New MOZ Spam Score – How Accurate is It?

New MOZ Spam Score

Every Search Engine Optimiser (SEO) is raising their eyebrows at a new online tool created by the company Moz. Moz claims to have a new analysis tool called Spam Score and it promises to help webmasters clear their domains of unnatural links. It looks good on paper, but many are uncertain of whether or not Continue Reading →

Why You Need to Review Your Online Marketing Strategy at Least Once a Year

Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing may be a big part of a broader marketing approach that includes other things like direct marketing or traditional press advertising, or in many cases, it may be the only kind of marketing you do. For many businesses who only offer their products and services online, the effectiveness of their internet marketing is Continue Reading →

Cogniview – A Professional Tool for Converting PDF to Excel

Tool for Converting PDF to Excel

The widely used PDF format can be great in some cases but in many situations people prefer the Excel format, for a lot of different reasons. Now it is possible to convert from PDF to Excel using PDF2XL by Cogniview so that you and your business can study and work on your data in whichever Continue Reading →

WordPress SEO Tips – 4 Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress SEO Tips

One of the easiest ways to get your feet wet when setting up a website  for the first time all by yourself is to take advantage of the literally thousands of free (and paid!) WordPress themes. They are easy to set up and almost always user-friendly. Unfortunately, for those trying to monetize their sites it Continue Reading →

Top 4 eCommerce Payment Gateways Compatible with WooCommerce

eCommerce Payment Gateways

It was only in the last few years or so that the popular WooCommerce plugin finally surprised the once dominant WP Commerce as the platform of choice for those looking to set up their own online store on a hosted WordPress website. The plugin’s rise to prominence can be perhaps attributed in equal measure to Continue Reading →