If Youíre Running a Digital Agency in 2018, Focus on These 4 Marketing Tactics

Be your own boss. Run your own agency. At a glance, the gig might sound too good to be true. After all, the concept of running a DIY digital agency has become popularized in recent years by marketing gurus like Tai Lopez and Sam Ovens which perhaps has led to some skepticism.

However, it is viable to start a marketing agency from scratch if you have the chops and the right marketing in place yourself. After all, successful marketers build themselves up thanks to both style and substance.

Translation? If you know how to make yourself stand out from the other up-and-comers, youíre golden.

Looking to attract clients and stand tall over your competitors? Keep these four pieces of modern marketing in the back of your mind.

Step Up Your Video Marketing

Video is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The ability to educate your prospects in a quick, entertaining way is a game-changer in an era where people are spending more time watching videos versus reading blogs.

Fortunately, video marketing doesnít necessarily mean investing tons of time and money into a YouTube channel. Consider other creative ways to leverage video such as Facebook Live videos and animation for business. This sort of video marketing will make your business look like a million bucks at a glance, all without having to spend a ton of time or money editing video.

Spruce Up Your Site Design

Speaking of looks, appearances are everything when it comes to sealing the deal as a marketer. In addition to video, another way to immediately impress your prospects is by giving your site a sleek, professional vibe.

That means elements such as responsive design, an attractive color scheme and a font that doesnít look like something out of 1998. You can take a look at some brilliant freelance portfolio pages to better understand how a well-optimized site can attract leads.

Donít Forget About Guest Posting

Exposure and authority are must-haves for marketing agencies, and guest posting is arguably one of the best ways to achieve both at the same time. When your name is attached to big blogs and brands in your industry, the influence of those movers and shakers rubs off on you. While creating your own content is important, be willing to find new guest posting opportunities to increase your clout.

Get Involved in Social Groups

With so much talk about Facebookís algorithm changes, marketers are nervous that social media wonít produce the ROI that it once did. Even so, there are other ways to leverage the various social channels that actually doesnít involve spending a time.

One such way is getting involved in Facebook Groups related to your niche. By constantly commenting, promoting content and sharing your expertise, people start to look at you a bigger influencer. These same rules apply to the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn, the latter especially.

Getting your DIY digital agency off the ground ultimately boils down to how you present yourself. By focusing on these tactics, youíll be better poised for results in 2018.