Tricks for Building Omni-Channel Coupon Experience

If you are already running a website that has a customer service phone line, then your business can be described as a multi-channel business. The Omni-channel experience goes beyond the standard cross-channel engagements. It continuously ‘loops’ across different channels in-line with the habits and motivations of the customer. The customer, with Omni-channel experiences, may utilize multiple channels simultaneously to access your content and use coupons.

Realistically, you obviously can’t possibly be everywhere; therefore, the next best option is creating the illusion of actually being everywhere. This can be done through the creation of a network of overlapping and concentrated outlets such as PR, advertising, and SEO through which customers can access your discounts, promo codes and other offers.

1. Know Your Target Population

It’s not simply a matter of reaching the most people; it’s also about identifying where your target population is paying more attention – TV shows, a blog, YouTube channels, online news, podcasts, or Instagram influencers – and having your brand coupons inserted at the intersections of such channels.

With the Omni-channel strategy, the same inventory, basket data, coupon promotions, discounts offers, customer purchase history, and account information should be accessible in all available channels. A customer should ideally be able to pause an online activity and resume later from another touch point. This calls for seamlessness back-end integration between all your channels.

2. Get Mobile-Ready

The coupon industry that is valued at billions of dollars is not being left behind by the transitions being seen in marketing. It is looking to boost customer engagement through their mobile devices. While consumers will certainly continue looking for coupons available through the print medium, you can take your game a notch higher.

Show how responsive your business is to consumer behaviors and attitudes by getting mobile-ready. Implement a web design that is mobile-friendly and optimize all content so that it appears appealing on screens of multiple sizes. Make sure that your business is connected to apps like Yelp and Google Maps. There is no point in having a discount coupon that users cannot read or understand on a mobile device.

SMS is one of the best choices available when you want to reinforce your brand strategy using geo-oriented coupons. Geolocation boosts your odds of catching a potential customer at the right time and right place. Tricks for Building Omni-Channel Coupon Experience boost your customer service. As e-commerce is increasingly going mobile, notifications are an effective form of audience targeting and communication.

3. Integrate Mobile Apps

In today’s world, for the average consumer getting instant access to testimonials, reviews, and deals through their mobile app are commonplace. One of the most popular places where consumers tend to frequent when searching for coupons or discount offers on items is mobile apps. In fact, 42% will use mobile apps while 59% use digital channels when they want to get coupons. The digital era of today is offering shoppers additional tools they can use to find discounts. Thanks to mobile apps, consumers can now navigate through the digital coupon repository more easily.


Offering your users multiple channels for interacting with your business or brand may not be enough. You will need to place your customers and visitors at the epicenter of an Omni-channel ecosystem that is fully seamless. Marketing, mobile, marketplaces, merchandising, fulfilment…all of these should be taken into consideration if you want to offer your customers a true Omni-channel experience. Put simply, the goal of your Omni-channel experience should be to offer 360-degree engagement between customers and brands across all touch-points and channels. And when done effectively, your customers will seamlessly transition from one channel to another, ecstatically getting deeper and deeper into your brand experience.