How to Reduce CPC While not Damaging your AdRank & Conversions

With lots of businesses seeking to get the best value for the money spent on advertising online, it is now common practice for businesses to make use of an Adwords Agency in an attempt to reduce CPC.

With the CPC of an ad depending on several factors such as its quality score, click-through rate (CTR), and maximum bid, it is possible to reduce it.

However, to ensure that online ads’ aim is not defeated, you should do this without damaging your AdRank and conversions.

In this article, we will be looking at the different measures you can use to reduce CPC without damaging your AdRank. These include.

●       Improve the Quality Score

●       Schedule the Ads

●       Use Long-tail Keywords

●       Bid Manually

●       Use Negative Keywords

●       Rank Higher

●       Use Geo-Targeting 

1. Improve the Quality Score

A higher quality score will increase the Ad rank and lower the CPC of your ads.

The Ad network calculates your quality score by using several factors.

Factors that determine your quality score include.

●       Quality of Landing Pages

●       Click-through Rate (CTR)

●       Relevance of Keywords

Some of the ways you could improve the quality score include.

●       Use more Specific Ad Groups

Using vague keywords in your ad will result in them appearing on irrelevant search queries, which would reduce your click-through rates and lower your quality score.

Make use of specific ad groups to ensure that your ads only appear on relevant searches.

●       Use a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Getting more clicks on your ads when they appear in results will increase your ads click-through rates and improve your quality score.

A sure way of increasing click-through rates is by including a clear call to action on your ads.

You need to convince most web users that your ad is relevant to their search before they click on it. A clear CTA will do this.

It would help if you were careful not to include so many CTAs in your ad as it could confuse users, leading to fewer clicks.

Remember, the CTA aims to convince, not create more doubts. Keep it simple, short, and relevant.

●       Add Relevant Extensions

If users who click on the extensions in your ads keep arriving at irrelevant pages, your quality score will drop.

You should ensure that web users arrive at the relevant pages whenever they click on your ad’s extensions.

●       Create Better Landing Pages

The amount of time visitors spends on your landing page after clicking on your ad affects your quality score.

The more time spent on your landing page, the higher the quality score.

Ensure your landing pages are mobile-friendly, have a great user interface, and contain relevant information to ensure visitors spend more time on them.

2. Schedule the Ads

Displaying your ads all day could lower your CTR and increase your CPC.

To reduce your CPC, ensure that your ad appears only at the relevant times.

By using analytics, you can discover the times when your ads perform better.

With this information, you could select the specific times and days to display your ads.

3. Use Long-tail Keywords

Another effective way to reduce CPC without damaging your Ad rank is bidding on cheaper, lower density, and more specific keywords. Long-tail keywords.

As long-tail keywords have a lower search volume, they get fewer bids, which makes them cheaper to bid on, and significantly reduces the amount you spend on ads.

Since they are more specific, long-tail keywords also have clear search intent meaning that they appear only on relevant search queries, which improves your click-through rate, and reduces your CPC.

4. Bid Manually

To get more control over your CPC, you should switch to manual CPC bidding.

Unlike automated bidding, which fixes your bid amounts, manual bidding allows you to set the maximum amount paid each time users click on your ad.

The key to getting the most out of manual bidding is to find out which keywords have a higher conversion rate.

By using manual bidding, you could then spend more on more profitable keywords.

5. Use Negative Keywords

An excellent way to reduce CPC is by making sure that your ads are seen by only those looking for them and are interested in your products.

If your ads keep appearing on irrelevant search results, its click-through rate (CTR) will drop significantly.

A drop in your ad’s CTR lowers your quality score leading to an increase in your CPC.

You could prevent this by using negative keywords.

When you use negative keywords, you reduce your ad’s chances of being triggered by irrelevant search queries, which improves your CTR and reduces your CPC.

6. Rank Higher

The higher an ad’s position, the lower its CPC.

You should ensure that your ad appears – at least – in the 4th position.

The position where an ad appears depends on its maximum CPC and its quality score.

To reduce your CPC without damaging your Ad rank, you should focus on improving its quality score or contact Joel House Wollongong SEO.

7. Use Geo-Targeting

Your ads only need to be seen by your potential customers.

To reduce CPC, you need to have a better click-through rate.

Your ad will have a better click-through rate when only potential customers see them.

With geo-targeting, you ensure that your ads appear only in areas where your potential customers reside.

Geo-targeting allows you to narrow down the area where your ads are displayed to a specific country, a subregion, or a city. 


Remember, the amount of money you bid on keywords influences your AdRank. You could resort to outbidding your competitors so that your ads rank highest, but that would require a larger budget.

It is possible to get the most out of online advertising without breaking the bank. You can reduce the amount you spend on ads by optimizing your CPA.

However, you should ensure that you do not damage your Adrank or conversion rates, as this defeats the aim of online advertising.

You can effectively reduce your CPC without damaging your AdRanks by using the measures listed above.