5 Video Advertising Mistakes Every Marketer Must Avoid

Video advertising is the new game changer in the marketing industry and it is causing quite a stir in its ability to reach out to a wider audience than a written advertisement ever could. It has the compelling power to make a consumer quickly make a decision owing to its ability to provide satisfactory information. The aim of any advertising, video or written, is to make a call to action with a view to clinching a sale. This is however not always the case as some careless mistakes can and do randomly happen grossly affecting a company’s reputation and losing out on leveraging of new clients. The good news is that this is avoidable.

Here are 5 video advertising mistakes every marketer must avoid:

1. Inadequate voice-over attention

The usage of the right tone is an integral part of any video making process. An improper video tone suggests a shoddy job and will not have the desired effect intended as consumers will just pass over after the first few moments of listening in. A proper merging of the voice-over tone and the theme of the video must be paid attention to ensuring a carefully calculated blend of entertainment and information is created. Monotones should be avoided at all costs as this will quickly disengage the viewer’s interest. Consistency should be conformed to at all times to avoid sending any mixed signals to the prospective consumer.  Spiel Studios is one of the companies that  ensure that all details of your animated video have been observed with care to ensure that it meets the required standards and expectations

2. Unprofessionalism

Every animated video piece is a direct indication of the competence level of the brand being marketed against other similar products. It is, therefore ,important to understand the dynamics of a company’s culture and image before launching out to create its product video. The video should be able to pass this across to the audience effectively and efficiently as herein lies the success of the company. Failure to do so depicts unprofessionalism and ends up being a waste of time and resources. Therefore, it highly recommended that you hire one of the top companies such the Spiel Studios as they will ensure that your project has been handled with the highest degree of professionalism.

3. Ambitious spins

In an attempt to make a video go viral, some people will go to great lengths of incorporating strange or ambiguous concepts into the video in order to grab attention. Whereas this may work, it will most certainly not create the intended sales increase as the essence of the ad would be missing and would also be in violation of the ethics of video advertising.

4. Not checking on Competition

It would be futile to work in isolation. A constant glimpse of how competition is presenting their wares is necessary to maintain an edge over them by either improving on what they are doing or going a different direction altogether and creating a unique concept.

5. Improper timing

How inappropriate it would be to post an advert of an ice cold drink in the morning? Yet this is what some marketers do. To be able to capitalize on a wide audience and appeal to them, consideration should be given to the nature of the product and the right timing for it.

With the above steps in place, a lot of businesses would be salvaged. They appear so commonplace and simplistic yet they are the cause of many mishaps in businesses today experiencing the total collapse of a product that otherwise would have stood a good chance to compete in the marketplace. It takes just a little insight coupled with foresight and topped up with caution to create an unforgettable brand that will hit off the shelves as soon as it hits in.